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Execution of Second Runway Operation of Shahrekord – Ben Daran Axis (Ben-Sheikh Shepherd Kilometer + 0 to 940 + 12)


Department of Roads and Urban Development of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province

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7 months shy

Supervision of Second Runway Operations of Shahr-e-Kord Axis - Ben Daran (Bonn to Sheikh Shaban Km + 0 to 940 + 12) After the construction of this axis, the company was assigned to supervise the workshops during the construction of the axis. After equipping the workshop and setting up a technical office, the company's supervisory staff is deployed at the project site.

Specifications of the axis components studied

piece number

Piece 1

Piece 2

Piece 3

Location (km)

000 + 0 to 200 + 6

200 + 6 to 940 + 12

940 + 12 to 000 + 20

control system

Shehab hesitated

Shehab hesitated

Shehab hesitated

project status

Under Construction

Under Construction

Under Construction


Parsa Kushan Zagros

Parsa Kushan Zagros

Parsa Kushan Zagros